Best VR Experiences For Now

Can you tell that I like this game? Because I really do. I have a full Let’s Play of this on my channel if you’re interested in the story of this game. I hope the developer of this continues to make more VR games because this is something really special. Before getting to #1 here’s two honorable mentions that are in Early Access. Unknightly is a stealth assassination game. The stealth mechanics rely on both being silent and not being seen. If you begin to make too much noise by moving too fast you’ll see a blue indicator if you get too close to a light source you’ll see a yellow indicator On your right arm is a blade that you can summon to take out the guards. But after you kill them you need to hide them in a dark corner because if any of the other guards see a dead body they’ll be extra vigilant in finding you. Besides your assassination blade you also have archery at your disposal with three different arrows.

Look above you to grab your bow and select the arrow you need. Blue arrows temporarily extinguish fire. Red arrows are for killing. Yellow arrows stick to surfaces and make noise to distract the guards. Each arrow is very limited in supply so you need to be selective with each of them. Another essential thing is climbing. Sometimes you need to climb to avoid guards or get around a busy area. But even while climbing you need to stay quiet and avoid the light. For a challenging medieval stealth game it’s the only one of its kind. NeverBound is an underrated hidden gem that I’m surprised isn’t more popular. It’s a fascinating mix of gravity puzzles and action. Gravity is relative here as you can change where you’re standing and which way gravity pulls you. The visual aesthetics and puzzle mechanics feel a lot like Portal, while the action feels like Halo. In my opinion this is one of the most original and unique shooter games.

The game is still in Early Access but this is the most polished Early Access game I’ve ever seen, it feels like a finished game. Currently there’s three campaign levels and two bonus modes: Bipolarity and Blitz. Bipolarity is basically a survival arena, in Blitz mode you need to escort a robot through a complex but the robot runs on batteries that quickly deplete so you need to find new ones or recharge them at stations to keep the robot running along. I found blitz mode to be quite challenging. Fending off bad guys while switching gravity to search for batteries required all of my brain and engagement. I do wish there was more levels in the campaign but the developer is updating this game pretty frequently so more campaign levels should be around the corner, in the meantime the two bonus modes provide a lot of play. If you’re looking for a fresh original action game then I highly recommend it.