Romantic Paris in Spring


Matt and I are currently in Paris, the 3rd leg of our European power trip with the support of Eleventy Traveler Blog. We spent 3 days in Paris and we’re ready to leave tonight for Barcelona.  I was in Paris a month ago with mum and sis len and similarly, we had a great time exploring the city. We explored a bit of the city, walking around, using the metro and RER, and stopping by a lot of cafes for cappuccino and croissants (Matt so love croissants he originally targeted 10 croissants a day).

Weather outside today is overcast, gloomy and rainy at 13 degrees celcius so after some time in Sacre Coeur this morning, we decided to snuggle up in our warm room till we’re ready for lunch. We just checked Barcelona’s weather and it looks promising at 21deg. This would be both Matt & I’s first time in Spain, so it’s exciting! I’ll share more about Paris later (i promise! :) For now, we need to pack our bags and get ready for another adventure! Hola Espana!

But before i say “adios” I’d like to share with you a photo of the Eiffel Tower we took yesterday. It’s spring time now so although it’s still a bit chilly outside, it’s more bearable than the weather that welcomed me and my family in Paris a month ago.

Eiffel Tower at dusk

Here’s a beautiful, romantic photo of the Eiffel Tower. Hope this inspires all of you to come and visit this beautiful city soon :)

Have you ever had a dream so big that when you achieved it finally, it felt unreal?  

For me, it was seeing the Himalayas in Nepal. For my sister Len, it was seeing the Eiffel Tower in Paris (bucket list ticked off!).

Located at Champ de Mars in Paris, this massive, iron lattice tower which was built in 1889 is so popular that it became both global and national icon representing Paris, France.  This beautiful structure that towers above Paris has been featured in many films as a backdrop and should not be missed when visiting Paris.

It can be easily reached using the Paris metro, and it can also be reached when walking from one site to another (like we did). We reached Eiffel Tower by walking and passing by the beautiful Alexander III Bridge and the Invalides.

Seen here on this photo are mum and sis Len, spending a quiet time, marveling at the beauty of Eiffel Tower lit up at night. “I can’t believe we’re finally here! Dream come true!, Len remarked.

She and mum looked at me, our faces beaming with a smile, grateful for this beautiful day when one of our lifelong dreams became a reality. :)

Ps. standby for updates from our Europe trip!

happy travels!